Dedicated Bare Metal Server

Dedicated Server
Fully customizable Bare Metal Server

1 Gbit/s | Remote Management | HPE Hardware | 99.9% Availability | Swiss Data Center

from CHF 149.- per month

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Web-based console

Access your server via the web-based console at any time, even before the operating system has been booted

Use your own ISOs

Use your own ISOs for operating system installation and operation

Re-installation of the server

Reinstall your server with our images for major operating systems or use your own ISOs at any time

Traffic Statistics

Monitor the Internet traffic of your server and keep control over the utilization of your Internet connection.

Read sensors out

Display information on the temperature of the various hardware components and on the fan load.

Remote Power Management

Start and reset your server remotely if it is switched off or no longer responds.

Hardware monitoring

All HP Enterprise (HPE) products support comprehensive hardware monitoring with iLO

Public IP addresses

Each server gets one public IPv4 and on request five public IPv6 IP addresses

Internet connection

All servers receive a 1 Gbit/s (HP Enterprise) or a 100 Mbit/s (Supermicro) shared Internet connection with Fair Use Policy

Many Operating Systems

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, XenServer, ESXi and Windows Server images are available for the automated installation of the operating system.

Server location in Switzerland

All servers are located in one of our Swiss data centers and are not subject to international influence.

High network availability

With a network availability of 99.9%, the reliable availability of your server is guaranteed.

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Contact our sales team. We are happy to help and are available for live demos of our products at any time.

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ServerBase Produkt-AssistentProduct Assistant
ServerBase Product Assistant

Product Assistant

Our product assistant helps you to find the right products.

In-house IT know-how

Do you have in-house IT personnel or know-how?

Server or services

Would you like to buy entire servers or just specific services?

Availability or price

Is high availability or a low price more important to you?

Number of servers

We can only achieve high availability with virtual servers. How many VMs do you want to operate?

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Cluster VPS

Cluster VPS are virtual servers with extremely high availability, which continue to run without interruption even if our server hardware fails.

Shared or dedicated hardware

Do your VMs need to be separated from other customers only logically (IaaS) or even physically (dedicated Private Cloud)?

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Virtual Datacenter

Virtual Datacenter (VDC) is the flexible and completely autonomously manageable IaaS solution from ServerBase.

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Private Cloud

Our highly available Private Cloud offers simple, web-based management with the flexibility and security of an on-premises environment.

Server type

Do you prefer dedicated bare metal servers or virtual servers?

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Dedicated server

Rent dedicated physical server hardware that is entirely dedicated to you and completely free to manage.

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Standard VPS

Cost-effective servers for standard applications without special requirements with SSD or HDD storage.

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Which service are you looking for?

Full outsourcing

Would you like to outsource your complete IT and have it managed by us?

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My Workplace 2.0

With My Workplace 2.0, you store all your data and applications in our secure Swiss data centers and access them from anywhere.

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