Virtual Datacenter
The flexible Swiss IaaS Computing Cloud

Virtual Datacenter (VDC) is ServerBase’s flexible and completely autonomous IaaS solution. The hosting solution is entirely based on VMware technology and offers a highly available, scalable and reliable platform for hybrid and private clouds on enterprise-level.

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The power of the Virtual Datacenter cloud

Virtual Datacenter offers comprehensive features for the operation of a reliable and powerful IT environment with the highest requirements.

Two Swiss Data Centers
Two Swiss Datacenter
Disaster Recovery with vCloud Availability
Disaster Recovery with vCloud Availability
Integration of on-premises environments
Integration of on-premises environments
Integrated backup solution
Integrated backup solution
Direct migration of on-premises VMs
Direct Migration of on-premises VMs
No provider lock-in
No provider lock-in
 Lightning fast SSD Storage
Lightning fast SSD Storage
Web-based admin console vCloud Director
Web-based management console vCloud Director
Pay as you go billing
Pay as you go billing

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Get our cost calculator by e-mail and easily calculate the operating costs for different Virtual Datacenter deployment scenarios. On request, we will also be happy to show you live how easy it is to set up and manage your virtual data center.

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Success stories of our customers

Our customers tell us how Virtual Datacenter simplified their daily business and why they chose ServerBase.

  • Logismata AG
    Software company

    Virtual Datacenter Hosted Exchange

    « With Virtual Datacenter, we deploy new servers much faster and perform restores within minutes. »

    Jürg Schärer
    Senior Software Engineer

    Manage your resources with vCloud Director

    vCloud Director is the central web-based administration portal for Virtual Datacenter (VDC). In the easy-to-use interface, you configure your VDC resources in both data centers, replication and migration jobs, templates, network topology, and users and groups with their permissions. If you have integrated your on-premises vCenter environment with Virtual Datacenter, you can even manage it through the same portal as a hybrid cloud.

    Impressions of the VMware vCloud Director Administration Portal

    vApps: Group your VMs by services, end users or departments as vApps as vCloud Director
    VMs: Run any number of VMs with Windows or Linux in Virtual Datacenter
    Virtual Networks: Configure virtual networks to segment your virtual data center in vCloud Director
    Firewall: Secure your networks and VPN connections against unauthorized traffic in vCloud Director
    Load Balancer: Use the integrated and versatile load balancer in vCloud Director
    Distributed Firewall: Centralize rules for host-level network control in vCloud Director
    Multi-Site: Operate your VMs either in our data centers in Ruemlang and Lupfig in vCloud Director
    Multi-Site: Configuring multiple Internet gateways for a multi-site stretched network in vCloud Director
    DR and Migration: Always keep control over your replication jobs for disaster recovery or migration purposes in vCloud Availability
    DR and Migration: Configure replication jobs for migration or disaster recovery of single VMs or entire vApps (collection of VMs) in vCloud Availability
    Veeam Backup Portal: Backup jobs to the other data center can be set up with just a few clicks
    Veeam Backup Portal: Restore VMs or entire vApps (collection of VMs) immediately in case of emergency

    Virtual Datacenter covers all your requirements

    Basic offering
    99.9% Availability
    Pay-as-you-go billing
    Unlimited traffic
    Unlimited resources
    2x IPv4 Addresses
    /29 IPv4 Subnet
    /28 IPv4 Subnet
    /27 IPv4 Subnet
    100 Mbit/s Internet
    200 Mbit/s Internet
    500 Mbit/s Internet
    1 Gbit/s Internet
    1 Gbit/s LAN
    10 Gbit/s LAN
    Windows Server licenses
    MS Office licenses
    MS SQL Server licenses
    MS RDP licenses
    Citrix licenses

    Operate your VMs flexibly in both our data centers

    The multi-site capability of Virtual Datacenter allows you to deploy VMs in both of our datacenter locations. This allows you to increase the availability of your services and still manage your resources in one central management console. Even the subnet is the same in both locations thanks to so-called stretched networks. The integrated migration features allow you to smoothly move VMs between the data center sites. Learn more

    Migrate your VMs with little effort and realize DR scenarios

    Facilitate onboarding to Virtual Datacenter by migrating your on-premises VMs into your VDC and back again with little effort and no reinstallation migration. When your VMs are operational, continuously replicate them from one VDC site to the other for disaster recovery purposes with georedundancy. Do the same with your existing on-premises VMs. Learn more

    Run your own Private or Hybrid Cloud

    With Virtual Datacenter you get your own virtual private cloud. On request, even on dedicated hardware. You always have full control over your VMs and can manage them easily. With the high availability features you can even extend your private cloud with the availability of a public cloud. And by integrating your on-premises environment, it becomes a hybrid cloud.

    Fulfill demanding network requirements

    Virtual Datacenter offers extensive enterprise networking functionality with integrated firewall including load balancing, IPSec and SSL VPN, data center spanning subnets (Layer 2 stretched networks), distributed firewall for segmentation of single hosts and use of multiple Internet gateways. If the integrated firewall does not meet your requirements, you can easily run any virtual firewall appliance in your VDC. Learn more

    Backup your systems with just a few clicks

    Virtual Datacenter includes an integrated backup solution by Veeam that lets you conveniently back up your VDC environment. Select your entire VDC, single vApps (collection of multiple VMs), or single VMs and schedule regular backups. The backup is made to the second data center and you will be notified by e-mail in case of problems.

    Impressions of the Veeam Backup Console

    Veeam Backup Portal: Always keep track of your backup jobs in the dashboard
    Veeam Backup Portal: Backup jobs to the other data center can be set up with just a few clicks
    Veeam Backup Portal: Restore VMs or entire vApps (collection of VMs) immediately in case of emergency

    Deploy VMs and vApps quickly with templates

    Templates can significantly accelerate the recurring deployment of individual servers or entire vApps (collection of multiple VMs). Besides the possibility to work with your own templates, we provide you with up to date and preconfigured Templates for Windows Server, Linux, Citrix Virtual Apps and Microsoft RDS. Learn more

    Automate management tasks with the powerful API

    Virtual Datacenter (VDC) includes a powerful and well-documented REST API as part of vCloud Director, enabling you to obtain information about your VDCs and automate management processes.

    Control permissions of your IT administrators

    With the integrated users and rights management, you can control which users can access which resources and which administrative processes they can perform. You are always in control of your IT administrators and meet common compliance and security requirements.

    The best of VMware for Virtual Datacenter

    Based on VMware’s vCloud suite, Virtual Datacenter provides you with a fully integrated enterprise-level IaaS solution. VMware’s many years of experience and market leadership make Virtual Datacenter a highly innovative and reliable product. Flexibility has a high priority at VMware, enabling us to cover a wide range of needs with Virtual Datacenter.

    Rely on a solid VMware Cluster architecture

    Virtual Datacenter runs on a cluster with HP Enterprise server nodes and VMware vSphere as hypervisor. The storage systems and all server components are designed with multiple redundancy and are located in our two ISO 27001 certified and FINMA compliant data centers.

    Get extended support with our SLA

    Extended support requirements are covered by our SLA with up to 24×7 availability.

    StandardBusiness StandardBusiness AdvancedBusiness 24/7
    Monday – Thursday08:00 – 12:00
    13:30 – 17:00
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    Friday08:00 – 12:00
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    Saturday – Sunday00:00 – 24:00
    Response time8 h4 h2 h1 h
    System Availability99.9%99.9%99.9%99.9%
    Network Availability99.9%99.9%99.9%99.9%
    Costsincl.on requeston requeston request

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