Mail Gateway for spam and malware protection

Our mail gateways keep malware and spam away from your mailboxes effectively. It is also used in our Hosted Exchange Solution. It is continuously enhanced by our experts and reacts to different ways and methods of criminal senders. Integration with your mail system is quick and easy.

  • No license and hardware costs
  • No configuration needed
  • Multi-stage filter mechanisms
  • Own filter training via Outlook Add-In
  • Operated out of our Swiss Data center

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The Mail Gateway is integrated via SMTP into the e-mail flow of your mail system and is an insurmountable security filter for sending and receiving email. The effective filter function is ensured by a variety of safeguards.


  • Comparison with RBL lists (Real-time Blackhole List)
  • Match with the Barracuda Reputation Block List
  • Review of Greylistings
  • SPF sender checking
  • Bayesian Checks


  • Powerful scan engine
  • Real-time protection against zero-day dangers
  • Automatic updates for virus signatures
  • Decompression of archives

SMTP Gateway

  • Send- and receiver domain based routing
  • LDAP and Active Directory validation
  • Multi node Load balancing

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