Disaster Recovery & Migration mit vCloud Availability

Virtual Datacenter
Disaster Recovery & Migration with vCloud Availability

Migrate VMs back and forth between our data centers or from your on-premises environment to Virtual Datacenter (VDC) with just a few clicks. Configured as continuous replication with an RPO of up to 5 minutes, disaster recovery scenarios with failover capability can be implemented easily and cost-effectively. VMware vCloud Availability is seamlessly integrated into Virtual Datacenter and included in the base offering.

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Always keep control of your replication jobs for disaster recovery or migration in vCloud Availability
Configure replication jobs for migration or disaster recovery of single VMs or entire vApps (collection of VMs) in vCloud Availability
Keep track of your running migration jobs from on-premises to Virtual Datacenter
Configure migration jobs for VMs or vApps in your on-premises vCenter

Migrate VMs smoothly to Virtual Datacenter

Integrate your on-premises VMware vCenter environment with vCloud Availability and migrate existing VMs to and from Virtual Datacenter with just a few clicks. Do the same for migrating VMs between our two data center sites. The migration can be triggered several times before the cutover and thus the VM instance at the target can be kept incrementally up-to-date.

Keep flexibility with no provider lock-in

Migration to and from other VMware environments is easy with Virtual Datacenter and there is no provider lock-in with difficult or non-existent migration paths. You can easily onboard your VMs to Virtual Datacenter without reinstalling, and migrate back to another VMware environment just as easily when you need to.

Replicate your VMs to the second data center for disaster recovery

Continuously replicate your VMs from one VDC site to the second for disaster recovery. In the event of a malfunction, the replicated instance automatically takes over the function of the malfunctioning VM after a failover. Thanks to stretched networks no adjustment of the IP configuration is necessary. As RPO (Recovery Point Objective, period between two recovery points) you can choose freely from 24 hours to only 5 minutes. If you need an even shorter RPO, you can easily deploy third-party DR solutions.

Realize disaster recovery scenarios for your on-premises environment

Use Virtual Datacenter as a disaster recovery target for your on-premises VMware environment. As with cloud disaster recovery, the replicated instances in Virtual Datacenter take over in the event of a failure of your on-premises VMs after a failover. The IP configuration is automatically adapted to the VDC subnet. You can also choose the RPO (Recovery Point Objective, period between two recovery points) freely from 24 hours to 5 minutes and the use of third-party DR solutions is easily possible for a lower RPO.

Minimize data loss with an RPO of down to 5 minutes

With vCloud Availability, VMware offers a very cost-effective and easy-to-use disaster recovery solution that covers most customer needs with 24-hour to 5-minute RPOs. If shorter RPOs are required, third-party solutions that can be integrated into Virtual Datacenter are available at additional cost. Please contact our Sales-Team.

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