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First customers working on My Workplace 2.0 NEXT

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Monday, 23. September 2019

The next generation of our working platform My Workplace 2.0 NEXT is now available and the first new customers are already working with it. My Workplace 2.0 NEXT is based on the familiar Windows 10 interface and includes the new Office 2019 by default. The user experience has become even better and many new features simplify daily work.

  • New start menu: The start menu is more clearly designed and offers the combined arrangement of the classic start menu and tiles for quick access
  • Virtual Desktops: Organize your running applications with virtual desktops and get a better overview.
  • Multimedia: More new picture, video and audio formats are natively supported without additional software
  • Improved arrangement of multiple windows: Arrange multiple windows next to or below each other and organize them across multiple screens
  • Familiar Windows interface: Many users already know the Windows 10 interface from their homes, which is why they will feel comfortable with My Workplace 2.0 NEXT immediately.