Geoundant services with two data centers in Switzerland

Virtual Datacenter
Multi-Site Server Environments

Realize highly available and geographically distributed server environments with just a few clicks. You decide in which of our data center sites your resources are operated. Your systems communicate via transparent and overhead-free stretched networks and fulfill highest availability requirements with integrated disaster recovery capability.

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Multi-Site: Operate your VMs either in our data centers in Rümlang or Lupfig in vCloud Director
Multi-Site: Configure multiple Internet gateways for a multi-site stretched network in vCloud Director
vApps: Group your VMs by services, customers or departments in vApps in vCloud Director
VMs: Run any number of VMs with Windows or Linux in Virtual Datacenter
Betreiben Sie VMs in mehreren Datacenter-Standorten

Operate VMs in multiple data center sites

With Virtual Datacenter you can operate your resources according to your needs in both our data centers in Rümlang and Lupfig. Both data centers are connected with three ServerBase-owned and geographically separated 10 Gbit/s fiber optic connections. The Internet connection at both locations is multiple redundant and offers 4x 10 Gbit/s. The connection concept guarantees a fast and reliable communication of your systems in Virtual Datacenter.

Verwalten Sie Ihre Ressourcen in beiden Standorten zentral

Manage your resources in both locations centrally

You will get one Virtual Datacenter instance (VDC) in each of our data center locations. They are linked together so that the central administration of both VDCs is possible via one portal with only one login. When creating a new VM, simply click on the VDC you want to deploy it to.

Realisieren Sie Multi-Site-Umgebungen ohne Routing oder VPN

Build multi-site environments without routing or VPN

Use the same subnet in both VDCs with layer 2 stretched networks so that your VMs can communicate with each other across locations without routing and VPN. All your VMs get an IP address from the same subnet regardless of the VDC location, they have no network communication overhead, and the management of your infrastructure becomes easier and more flexible.

Integration von On-Premises-Umgebungen

Integrate your on-premises environment seamlessly as a hybrid cloud

If you are already running a VMware environment with vCenter on-premises, you can integrate it with the vCloud Director management console. This allows you to manage your entire hybrid cloud with a single management portal, configure disaster recovery scenarios and migrate VMs back and forth with minimal effort.

Nutzen Sie die Internetanbindung beider Datacenter

Use the Internet connection of both data centers

You decide how your virtual data center environment communicates with the Internet. Either both VDCs use their local connections or you configure the gateways at both locations in an active-passive setup. The entire traffic of the passive site is routed to the active site through the dedicated fiber optic connections and from there reaches the Internet. If the active gateway goes down, the function is transferred to the passive gateway after a failover.

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