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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) available

Tuesday, 2. June 2020

The latest Ubuntu Release 20.04 can be ordered now for our Standard VPS and Cluster VPS. The new version called Focal Fossa, based on the Madagascar wildcat, brings mainly smaller innovations and many improvements.

New Theme: New wallpapers are available and Gnome 3.36 gets a new color scheme. Instead of green and orange, purple comes to the fore as an accent color. Also, the folders in the file manager have a new look. If you like, you can explicitly switch Ubuntu from the default view to the light or dark mode via the settings and “Display”.

Amazon app removed: Ubuntu was shipped with a pre-installed Amazon app for many years. It was easy to remove, but just looking at it upset many users. With Ubuntu 20.04, the app disappears.

Accelerated Tools: System tools like the calculator or the log file overview start faster with Ubuntu 20.04.

Logon and lock screen: Gnome 3.36 also renews the login and lock screen. Both should be instantly recognizable to regular Ubuntu users.

Undisturbed working: A new switch makes it easy to turn off notifications so that you can work on your computer without being disturbed.

Faster VPN: Although Ubuntu does not yet use the 5.6 kernel with integrated Wireguard, the new VPN protocol is backported into the used kernel. So look forward to a faster VPN in Ubuntu 20.04.

Software updates: Of course Ubuntu 20.04 also comes with updated software, such as Kernel 5.4, Firefox 74 or LibreOffice 6.4.22.

Weitere Informationen sind in den Release Notes verfügbar.

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