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New VDC Release 9.7 is live with great new features

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Tuesday, 9. April 2019

In less than six months, VMware is already releasing a major release of vCloud Director version 9.7. We rolled out the latest version into our VDC environment yesterday, which is now available to all customers. What are the groundbreaking innovations?

Branding with customer logo

Granted more of an optical gimmick than a functional added value, but worth mentioning. We can now customize your VDC tenant color scheme, design, logos (including favicon and login page) and title to your liking. If you want to use this feature, contact our sales team.

VMware vCloud Director 9.7 GUI mit Branding

VMware vCloud Director 9.7 GUI with Branding, Ribbon, and Search


The new Ribbon provides a quick overview of the content of all organizations that the logged in user has access to.

Global search

Global search provides a quick way to find specific objects across VDCs or even across sites:

Globale Suche in vCloud Director 9.7 mit ServerBase VDC

Global Search in vCloud Director 9.7

vApp network diagrams

The vApp Network Diagram now shows the logical vApp network with all involved vApp and Org networks and their associated VMs and NICs. This increases the visibility of many VDC resources and makes debugging easier

vApp Network Diagram mit allen beteiligten VMs, NICs und Netzwerken

vApp Network Diagram with all involved VMs, NICs and networks

General improvement of the HTML5 interface

There are fewer and fewer reasons to use the outdated Flash-based Flex UI interface. The functionality and error-proneness of the HTML5 interface has been further improved and now covers an estimated 95% of the functions of the Flash interface.