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Working between surfboards and sand beaches

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Stefan Szalai
Von Stefan Szalai
Thursday, 29. August 2019

Who doesn’t know that? You are on holiday and still want to have a quick look at what’s going on in the office. The laptop is with you but the IT systems are not accessible from the outside the office because the IT infrastructure is not designed for convenient external access. Perhaps access to data, e-mails and applications is possible, but slow and not very user-friendly. Especially when IT is outdated, it is often no longer able to cope with changing needs. A situation that many SMEs in Switzerland experience on a daily basis and are happy to find a solution to.

It’s the same with me on holiday in Bali. I enjoy my time on holiday, where I don’t have to worry about business. So that I can enjoy undisturbed, all business mails and notifications are switched off on the smartphone. But I still like to know what to expect when I return.

When working during the holidays, fast and convenient access to the data is a great added value. Stefan shows how easy this works directly from Bali

At ServerBase we also use My Workplace 2.0 internally, so that we can access our usual desktop interface at any time and use all applications as we would in daily business. I log on to my desktop with my laptop and immediately have an overview of the current business activities. The only thing I need is an Internet connection. As soon as I’m logged out, I’m back on vacation. The smartphone remains inactive all the time and I use My Workplace 2.0 to get the information I need. For me it is a very satisfying solution, which I really appreciate.

If I have to intervene, My Workplace 2.0 allows me to work at the pool or in the beach cafe and use the time between my surf sessions. I unfold my laptop and connect to My Workplace 2.0. Thanks to Citrix technology, access is fast and smooth even with a poor Internet connection, because only the current screen content is transferred and not entire files. All the computing power is provided by our data center. The encrypted connection is possible from anywhere in the world and guarantees secure working at all times.

As I write this report, I slurp on my fine smoothie and enjoy the good weather and the fresh breeze. Somehow I am able to work in a relaxed way. I could easily get used to it. Unfortunately it is soon time again for my flight home and everyday life is calling.

Aloha and see you soon