My Workplace 2.0 - The many advantages of Virtual Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

My Workplace 2.0
The features of virtual Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Once you’ve worked with My Workplace 2.0, you won’t want to do without it anymore. The numerous advantages of the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution outstrip those of your own on-premises IT infrastructure many times over. Most of our new customers are surprised how fast and stable an IT system can be.

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Easy logging in and working from any device

Look how easy it is to log in to My Workplace 2.0 and how fast your applications start.

My Workplace 2.0 - Arbeiten Sie schneller als mit Ihrem lokalen PC

Work faster than on your local PC

My Workplace 2.0 is one of the fastest desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offerings on the market thanks to Citrix technology, high-end server systems and full flash storage. If you’re not currently using a high-end PC, My Workplace 2.0 will let you work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Zentrale Datenablage für Sie und Ihr Team

Central data storage for you and your team

My Workplace 2.0 includes a personal network drive for each user and a central data storage for your team by default, which is automatically backed up every night. On request, we can create shared folders for management or accounting, which can only be accessed by authorized users.

Microsoft Office und E-Mail ist inklusive

Microsoft Office and email is included

All licenses for Windows, Microsoft Office, Hosted Exchange Email and Anti-Virus are included in the monthly fee. If you need additional Office applications such as Access, Visio or Project in addition to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote, these can easily be included.

Ihre IT-Kosten sind kalkulierbar

Your IT costs become calculable

Say goodbye to high investment costs for your IT environment and pay all IT expenses as a monthly fixed operating cost with our Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. You know what you’re paying for in advance, and we’ll keep you up and running at no extra cost. Surprisingly high invoices for troubleshooting are gone.

Get access to your desktop from any device thanks to Citrix

With My Workplace 2.0, it doesn’t matter whether you want to access with a PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet. A Citrix app is available for all devices for easy access. Leave all applications open at your office workstation and log on to your virtual desktop from your Mac at home. You can continue working exactly where you left off.

Loggen Sie sich auf der ganzen Welt bei My Workplace 2.0 ein

Log in to My Workplace 2.0 anywhere in the world

Wherever you have an Internet connection, you can access My Workplace 2.0. As a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS), your virtual desktop is available to you with just a few clicks. Because only the screen content is transferred as an image and no files, you can work quickly and without delay even with a slow Internet connection.

Ihre Daten werden sicher übertragen und in der Schweiz gespeichert

Your data will be securely transmitted and stored in Switzerland

Your connection is encrypted end-to-end from your device to our servers. If desired, the login is done with a two-factor authentication. No data is saved on your access device, only the current screen content is being displayed. If your device gets stolen or lost, there is no business data stored on it. Your data will never leave our ISO 27001 certified and FINMA compliant data centers Swiss data centers.

Geniessen Sie eine hohe Verfügbarkeit von über 99.9%

Enjoy a high availability of more than 99.9%

My Workplace 2.0’s standardized and controlled environment reduces potential sources of disruption and problems to a minimum. Together with high-quality and redundant server systems, we achieve a high availability of more than 99.9%.

Flexible offering for SwissDesk

Do you do simple office work or are you a power user? SwissDesk Standard includes standardized virtual desktops with Microsoft Office and popular web browsers, while SwissDesk Business offer allows advanced customization and custom applications. With SwissDesk Extreme, power users get dedicated VDIs or even dedicated hardware for each virtual desktop.

Standard Business Extreme
Server systems shared with other customers dedicated server / VDI dedicated hardware
Own applications
Max. Number of users 5 unlimited unlimited
Two factor authentication optional optional optional
Microsoft Office Standard
Hosted Exchange with unlimited storage space
File storage per customer 50 GB (upgradable)
Anti virus
Web filter
Available SLA Standard Standard or above Standard or above
Availability 99.9%
Price per user and month on request on request on request

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    My Workplace 2.0
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      My Workplace 2.0

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