My Workplace 2.0 - Optimized for fiduciary applications

My Workplace 2.0
Optimized for fiduciary applications

Our many years of experience in the fiduciary industry and with its applications makes us an excellent IT partner for you as a fiduciary. My Workplace 2.0 has been optimized from scratch for common trustee applications such as Abacus or Sage, and we are very familiar with the installation, migration and operation of your applications.

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Many years of experience with fiduciary companies

We know the needs and requirements of fiduciary companies very well due to our long-standing clients in the fiduciary sector. My Workplace 2.0 was designed from the beginning considering requirements such as high data protection, convenient access to customer data from outside the office and perfect compatibility with common fiduciary applications. With us you have an IT partner who understands you completely.

ServerBase ist Partner von TREUHAND|SUISSE und dem Institut Treuhand 4.0

ServerBase is IT partner of TREUHAND|SUISSE and the Institut Treuhand 4.0

Our historical ties with the fiduciary industry are anchored in a partnership with TREUHAND|SUISSE. In addition, we are implementation partner of the Institut Treuhand 4.0, which supports fiduciary companies in their digital transformation. Whether you are a member or not, you are welcome to join us and rely on our extensive industry experience.

We can count on many satisfied My Workplace 2.0 customers

With My Workplace 2.0, fiduciary companies can focus on their core business without having to deal with IT issues. In the Customer Success Stories, our fiduciary clients tell why they switched to My Workplace 2.0 and why they wouldn’t switch back.

  • Gasser Wepf & Partner

    My Workplace 2.0 Hosted PBX

    « Since switching to ServerBase, our IT systems have become fast and stable. »

    Andy Wepf
    Managing Partner

  • AG Giger Treuhand

    My Workplace 2.0 Hosted PBX

    «We have significantly more time to focus on our core business and don’t have to worry about IT matters that just have to run.»

    Roland Giger
    Owner & CEO

  • B&B Concept AG

    My Workplace 2.0 Hosted PBX CloudStorage Managed Firewall

    «We want a single point of contact. By centralizing and homogenizing our IT infrastructure we want to reduce unexpectedly high costs. The IT operating costs should be calculable and transparent.»

    Boris Blaser
    Owner & CEO

    Wir kennen Ihre Treuhandapplikationen

    We know your fiduciary applications

    In cooperation with our numerous fiduciary clients, we were able to build up an excellent know-how about common fiduciary applications over the years. We know how to integrate them into our systems, how to achieve the best performance and what to do with which error messages. We receive extended support immediately thanks to our good contacts to the respective software vendors.

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    Wir unterstützen die Treuhandbranche in der Digitalisierung durch unsere langjährige Erfahrung

    IT adds value to your fiduciary business

    With My Workplace 2.0, you can support your customers even better. For example, you can use your iPad to access your virtual desktop with your business data in real time at your customers’ offices and provide them with the best possible service. Or you forgot to send an important e-mail to a customer, but then log on to your virtual desktop at home on your Mac within seconds and send the e-mail including documents from your central file repository.

    Flexible offering for SwissDesk

    Do you do simple office work or are you a power user? SwissDesk Standard includes standardized virtual desktops with Microsoft Office and popular web browsers, while SwissDesk Business offer allows advanced customization and custom applications. With SwissDesk Extreme, power users get dedicated VDIs or even dedicated hardware for each virtual desktop.

    Standard Business Extreme
    Server systems shared with other customers dedicated server / VDI dedicated hardware
    Own applications
    Max. Number of users 5 unlimited unlimited
    Two factor authentication optional optional optional
    Microsoft Office Standard
    Hosted Exchange with unlimited storage space
    File storage per customer 50 GB (upgradable)
    Anti virus
    Web filter
    Available SLA Standard Standard or above Standard or above
    Availability 99.9%
    Price per user and month on request on request on request

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      My Workplace 2.0
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        My Workplace 2.0

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