Virtual desktop from the Cloud

Outsource your Workstations into our Swiss cloud and access your personal cloud-desktop from wherever you are. You log in with a few clicks from any device and continue your work exactly where you left it. You don’t need any local server infrastructure, uninterruptible power source and no server room. You can also stop worrying about backups, updates or high maintenance costs for your physical hardware.

starting from CHF 99.00

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How My Workplace 2.0 works

My Workplace 2.0 brings you more flexibility and better efficiency. This is how your work day would look like with My Workplace 2.0.

In the morning, log into your My Workplace 2.0 desktop at your office PC
As usual, you prepare a customer presentation and compile the new pricing information from your CRM / ERP system
When craftsmen start working in the office at 9 o'clock, you can not concentrate enough
You decide to take your laptop and go to the cafe on the other side of the street
in the cafe log in to your My Workplace 2.0 desktop with your laptop and continue working seamlessly. All applications and documents remain open
For lunch, you will meet with your customer in the restaurant
After the meal, take out your iPad and log in to your My Workplace 2.0 desktop with the app. The presentation is already open and you immediately start presenting the new pricing information.
An upcoming question on the current sales figures of your customer is answered in a few seconds with a change in your CRM
Your customer is happy regarding the efficient and informative conversation and says goodbye
Back in the office, the craftsmen are already done with their work and you log in to the PC back to your My Workplace 2.0 desktop. You still do some work for another project and drive home in the evening after a successful day.

Free Live Demo of My Workplace 2.0

We’ll show you how easy My Workplace 2.0 works and how it can help you as a company to improve productivity and how to become more efficient. The Demo is free of charge and at no obligation.

Product information

Optimal integration of fiduciary applications

My Workplace 2.0 integrates your business applications perfectly. With the following fiduciary software, we can draw on fantastic experience in operations and good support contacts to the manufacturers.


My Workplace 2.0 compared to local IT infrastructure

Compared to a local IT infrastructure, My Workplace 2.0 simplifies the cost structure, increases flexibility and resiliency, and provides a better user experience and customer satisfaction.

Local IT Infrastructure

Acquisition cost
Maintenance cost
Support cost
Software licenses
Server room
UPS (Emergency Power)

Outsourced IT Infrastructure

My Workplace 2.0

Why My Workplace 2.0

Anyone who has worked with My Workplace 2.0 wouldn’t want to give it up anymore. The reasons for this are diverse.

Access from any device and location

Log on to your personal Windows desktop at any time from the PC in the office, from the Mac at home and from your tablet during the holidays. Your applications and documents remain open, even if you switch devices and you continue work right where you left off.

Maximum peace of mind

Do you look after your own servers, backups, updates, an emergency power supply and the server room? Not to mention the data security. With My Workplace 2.0 these things are history. Free your mind and take care of more important things in your business, leisure time or family.

Highest data security

All connections to My Workplace 2.0 are encrypted with SSL and your data is stored in our data centers in Switzerland . With no data stored on your devices, you no longer have to worry about data loss or theft. With a daily backup to our second data center, data loss is virtually eliminated.

Fastest performance in the market

My Workplace 2.0 is one of the fastest on the market thanks to high-end server systems and full-flash storage. You’re likely to work faster and more efficiently than you’ve come to expect from your PC.

Quick troubleshooting

Our Swiss support team is happy to help if you have any problems – if you wish, even around the clock. Because we know My Workplace 2.0 down to the last detail, we can fix problems in no time at all.


ServerServer shared with other customersdedicated serverdedicated hardware
Own applications
Maximum numbers of users5unlimitedunlimited
Microsoft Office Standard
Hosted Exchange 25 GB
Storage space50 GB
50 GB
50 GB
Antivirus protection
Available SLAStandardStandard or moreStandard or more
Price per monthstarting from CHF 99.00project specificproject specific

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Satisfied customers

My Workplace 2.0 makes companies more efficient and successful, as the following Success Stories show.

iRobotics GmbH
Wholesale for household robots

«We do not want to have any server hardware left in our office. Outsourcing to a data center saves time and hassle.»

B&B Concept AG
Trust company

«We want a single point of contact. By centralizing and homogenizing our IT infrastructure we want to reduce unexpectedly high costs. The IT operating costs should be calculable and transparent.»


How easy it is, to access My Workplace 2.0 with a variety of devices, is shown in the following videos.

Access via Windows PC

Access via Webbrowser

Access via iPad

Access via Android Tablet

Do you have any further questions?

Contact our sales team. We are happy to help and are available for live demos of our products at any time.

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